A letter from our CEO. Update Tuesday, September 8

Dear Families, Carers and Friends

I’m sure you were all closely watching the Premier’s announcement on Sunday.

The Stage 4 lockdown deadline has been extended to September 28 so there will be no change in our service offering until after that date.

It’s difficult to look ahead of course after September 28 because the situation changes quickly as we have seen. But we know our families are keen to know what we are hoping to be able to provide. So I will set that out a bit further now as best I can, given the uncertainties.

If the deadline does indeed end on that date, then we are planning to reopen several of our Day Service sites as soon as possible after that date. Those sites are ready to go as soon as we are allowed to open. It may be that this Phase 1 reopening after September 28 can be in 1:4 groups as opposed to 1:1. We are working to clarify that now and we will be in touch with you again at least a week before the deadline date so you have plenty of notice.

As with our last reopening, it’s likely we will offer our clients 2 or 3 days support per week so we help as many families as possible, and all the usual safety protocols will remain in place.

I hope that look ahead is helpful.

The Online classes continue to grow and it’s very pleasing hearing they are helping some families. Our Wednesday noon Zoom call for clients will also continue (click here to join - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88109364253) as will the emergency 1:1 support we are providing to a small number of families.

We realise this extension of the lockdown is hard on everyone and we will keep thinking of ways we can help. Let’s all hope those numbers keep improving, and we will keep providing you with updates.


Phil Hayes-Brown