Scope of Service

Scope of Service

Wallara recognises that it cannot be all things to all people and that we should focus our energies and limited resources in those areas of service where we believe we can achieve excellence and high-quality outcomes for our clients.


In those areas where we believe other agencies are better suited to supporting the needs of people with different abilities, we will refer inquiries accordingly.


Wallara’s mission is to empower people with different abilities to live the life they choose and to enact social change in the community.


The biggest barrier to achieving mission success is the general public’s attitude and understanding about disability. If awareness is low it is harder for our clients to be accepted and to take their place in the community. Conversely if understanding is high, then there are many more opportunities for our clients to achieve their goals.


Accordingly, for Wallara to make progress towards achieving its mission we need to be reaching out and engaging with the general community to change minds and raise awareness. Another key outcome from reaching out and building connections with mainstream organisations is that it enables us to provide our clients with better opportunities and outcomes than we can offer alone.


We do that through engagement, education, and a focus on work and social roles.


This philosophy to make social change happen is the driver behind WallaraTV, our partnerships with Monash University and Ventura Bus Lines, with Corporates that we service through Wallara Logistics including Mary Kay Cosmetics, Hawthorn and St Kilda Football Clubs, and Kao Brands, and the purchase of Sages Cottage Farm.


While we are proud of all our service streams, the two service streams that most differentiate Wallara from other providers and where we have established a strength are:


Day Services, where the headline programs and initiatives include:

  • Micro-businesses – Potter Coffee, Grass Busters, Pop Up Shop, Personal Development Programs and Ambassadors
  • Community Education Programs – School Tours
  • Partnerships with Monash University, Ventura Bus Lines and Frankston RSL
  • WallaraTV and social media which are reporting on stories from across the Service. Day Services is the Division and activity which generates the most compelling stories we tell about our Service.
  • Sages Cottage Farm
  • Events – ‘Dinner Under the Stars’, our Annual Concert and our Golf Days are largely driven and made unique by Day Services and AmbassadorsWallara Logistics. With its blue chip corporate customer list including Mary Kay Cosmetics, Hawthorn and St Kilda FC, Myer and Oxfam, this Division is arguably leading the way in redefining supported employment.


There are many disability providers skilled at managing complex behaviours, however supporting extreme behaviours of concern is beyond Wallara’s scope.


Examples of extreme behaviours of concern include;

-Extreme aggressive behaviours of such intensity, frequency and duration that the physical safety of the person, other clients, staff and general public are placed in jeopardy and or is likely to result in serious harm to the individual or others

-Extreme aggressive behaviours that threaten the other clients or staff safety

-Extreme behaviours of concern that result in the attendance of emergency services and or medical intervention is required

– Extreme behaviours of concern that result in extensive property damage

– Persons with diagnosed psychiatric health conditions

– Extreme behaviours that limit and disrupt the quality of service provided by staff to other clients


Wallara staff are trained to connect into community and support clients with their work, grow and explore goals. This is often carried out in a small group setting. In order to offer innovative and skill building focused services it is important that our clients are well supported in the area that we deliver best. Managing extreme behaviours of concern is not one of these areas.


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