Potter Street Redevelopment

Potter Street Redevelopment

Mum and Daughter team: Sonia and Annamaria, reaping the benefits of the Wallara/ Wintringham site

Wallara’s headquarters in Potter Street, Dandenong is an innovative co-development between Wallara and leading aged care provider, Wintringham which provides an Australia first solution for the growing problem of ageing carers who are no longer able to care for their adult child with a disability.

Normally when this occurs the carer moves into an aged care provider and the adult child with the disability is separated and is required to find a different solution which can cause great distress to both parties after a lifetime of co-dependency. Wallara and Wintringham have integrated and co-located their services on the Potter St site so that the elderly carer can reside with Wintringham and the adult child can reside on the site with Wallara’s residents. 

The Palm Courtyard where residents can relax and enjoy the peaceful surrounds

The state of the art, highly integrated facility was funded by both Commonwealth and State Government and blends aged care for homeless people with different accommodation options  and specialist high support services for adults with a disability. The unique facility, designed by award dinning architect Allan Kong,  is an Australian first solution for a growing national problem.

The redevelopment includes the following facilities:

  • Specialist high support services for 20 people with disabilities
  • Two community residential units accommodating 10 residents with disabilities
  • Three independent living units accommodating people with disabilities who require lower levels of support
  • Sixty single bed units for aged homeless people operated by Wintringham
  • Wallara and Wintringham offices and administration facilities

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