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CQL: the three letters that changed Wallara (view our short video)

In 2001 the Wallara Board recognized the need for a Quality accreditation system that would drive continuous improvement in the delivery of services. At this time, there was no Australian quality system created specifically for disability services. There were other quality systems such as ISO but they were created for different environments and sectors like manufacturing and so they had very limited relevance to the provision of disability services.

After a global search was conducted the Wallara Board selected CQL which is the short acronym for the Council of Quality and Leadership. CQL is an independent body based in the US which is widely regarded as a world leading authority on quality standards for the disability and mental health sectors.

One of the key features of CQL which convinced the Wallara Board to select the program was the intense focus on outcomes for people with a disability and the provision of real measurable data. The data was then used to highlight areas of the Wallara service that required improvement and so it created a rolling momentum of positive change. Another feature of CQL was the benchmarking or services around the world which allowed the Wallara Board to compare the Wallara service performance to others services all over the world.

Nine years later Wallara is proud to be one of only 3 services in Australia to hold the highly regarded CQL accreditation.

In 2010 the Victorian Government introduced the Certification in Standards for Disability Services in Victoria and the Wallara service was awarded certification in Jan 2011.

Many services hold a quality accreditation, but at Wallara it’s far more than a certificate that sits on a shelf. At Wallara, CQL is a service wide philosophy and culture which requires us to put people with a disability at the front of our thinking. It was the belief and commitment to the CQL philosophy at both Board and Management level that led to the Wallara service being entirely transformed in 2007 from a congregate model to a modern community based service with 28 sites and strategic partnerships with other services such as in aged care with Wintringham and in education with Chisholm.

And our CQL commitment keeps pushing us forward today to find more socially inclusive roles and opportunities for the people we support.

For more information on why we believe CQL is one of our key assets and makes us different from any other provider, please contact us.


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