Corporate Partnerships

Join Us On Our Journey ……. AND CHANGE LIVES

Not-for-profit organisations such as Wallara have historically been viewed by commercial organisations as recipients of government funding or philanthropic donations through individuals or Foundations.

This of course is true, however at Wallara we believe that our greatest reach, providing the biggest benefits for our service users, is through partnerships with the corporate sector.

Corporates traditionally spend their marketing budgets on branding and representation opportunities and Wallara has developed a suite of activities and programs which deliver these same benefits to our partner organisations – with the bonus of also being able to measure, monitor and report on their Corporate Social Responsibility footprint.

We encourage organisations to visit with us, learn more about us and understand and celebrate people with different abilities.

Celebrating People with Different Abilities

Check out some of our partner videos produced by WallaraTV:


GPT Dandenong Plaza



Crabtree and Evelyn                  

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For more information on how your organisation can get involved in Events, WallaraTV, team building programs or corporate volunteering, please contact Karen Scholey on 03 9792 2985.