Invis-Ability Podcast Season 2 Coming

After the success of Season 1 of Wallara’s Invis-Ability podcast, exploring the experiences and stories of people living with an intellectual disability (ID), Season 2 is set to launch on Tuesday 7 September.

But as we are in the midst of the Paralympics it’s a great time to listen to a previous season 1 episode focussed on sport and in particular the little-known story about the Sydney Paralympics and the Spanish ID basketball team. It's a story that led to ID athletes being excluded from the next two Paralympic Games. You can listen to the episode here


Phil Hayes-Brown is the CEO of Wallara, which has more than 500 clients with an ID. His 18-year-old daughter, Phoebe, also has a moderate ID.

Don Elgin is head of Wallara Online, and a Paralympic medallist with lived experience as an amputee. He knows a bit about the ID community through sport but is embarking on a journey to learn more.

Season 2 Launching Tuesday 7 September

Season 2 is all about education options for people with intellectual disabilities. Across the season, Don and Phil speak to movers and shakers in the field to unpack the different options that families face, including whether to send their child to a special school, to a mainstream school or a combination of both.

They discuss the intricacies of education policy and the foundation of the NDIS with Tanya Plibersek, the Shadow Minister for Education.  Education options for children and adults with different abilities with Professor Umesh Sharma, Monash University’s Associate Dean of Equity and Inclusion. Hear from parent and author Julie Fisher and her experiences with education for her son, Darcy, who has Down Syndrome. And Phil's good friends, Trace and Martha Haythorn, prominent advocates for the ID community, join the show from the United States.

Throughout these conversations, the importance of choice in education is a major theme. It is vital that people with different abilities, and their carers, have a say in how and where they are educated.

Invis-Ability Season 2 Episode 1 - Education Policy – released Tuesday 7 September

Episode 1 with guest Tanya Plibersek will be covering issues like inclusive education, supported employment and more.

Make sure you’re subscribed to the Invis-Ability podcast on Spotify or Apple podcasts so you don’t miss the release of this and future episodes. And if you haven’t already listened to season 1, have a listen to the episodes here

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