There are many great stories across the Wallara service every day and the Wallara Communications team have the job of telling these to a growing audience.

To date we have reported these stories through our newsletters and our website. However we are increasingly trying to get out of the way and let the people we support tell their own stories direct as much as possible. We also wanted to make these stories easy to pass on to friends and contacts, so we have launched a social media outreach with 2 key components:

WallaraTV – our own production company and TV studio to share all our videos.

Facebook – a live conversation about the Wallara service with daily updates, links to new videos and photos.

We hope this makes it easier than ever to follow us and we invite you to send us your feedback. If you have any suggestions, contact our Corporate Partnerships Team.



Stacey’s Story

At our 2011 ‘Dinner Under the Stars’Annual Fundraiser Dinner where $30,000 was raised to purchase specialised equipment for our new High Support facilities in Langwarrin and Endeavour Hills, Stacey Edwards took to the stage, captivating the audience with her life story. 

We are proud to have Stacey use our services and thank her for allowing us to share her heartwarming and inspirational journey with you.

To watch Stacey’s Story, click here or to view more of our stories, visit WallaraTV

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Josh and Daniel (plus a curious onlooker) test drive the WallaraTV studio

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Stacey at ‘Dinner Under the Stars’