With 30 sites across the south east corridor of Melbourne we support over 450 people by providing community day services – including specialised high care support – residential and supported accommodation , part time and full time employment and training and workplace opportunities.

Wallara is happy to support people with a disability and their carers to utilise their funding in innovative and unique ways and to support people to have more voice, choice and control over the services they receive. Wallara is able to support individuals who may have an individualised funding package and/or who wish to self manage their funding package.

Wallara is able to support people with a disability and their carers to:

1. Structure a plan that is flexible and unique to the specific needs of the individual with a disability.

2. Create a program that is matched to the persons interests and aspirations.

3. Choose the people ( or staff) who work with the individual.

4. Arrange supports that will best suit the person and their care needs.

5. Manage your own budget.

Our team of 190 staff are passionate and driven to support people to realise their full potential.

Wallara is one of only 4 organisations in Australia to be accredited by the Council for Quality and Leadership (CQL) – a US based international not-for-profit organisation.


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