The importance of giving back by Taimi Clinch

People are hardwired to contribute and communal in nature. Adults with disability are no different in their desire to give back. Wallara Australia’s Dandenong St group are like many community groups that want to do more for their community.

Kat Morgan, one of Wallara’s Support Coaches said “we've noticed over the years that many of our clients thrive off of giving back and participating in the community and when they do something to help someone they feel a massive sense of achievement and feel that they are making a change in the world!” Wallara is lucky to have Kat’s creativity for finding worthy projects, some of which include collecting bottle tops that are then turned into prosthetic arms for children overseas. The group collect, sort and drop the bottle tops to the local Envision depot and encourage all our clients, family members and staff to contribute to this worthy cause.


Bob Bottroff is shown holding a container of bottle tops which will be sent off to envision to be turned into prosthetic arms & then shipped overseas to be given to a child in need. 

Bob loves the idea of helping children overseas.

The group also collect & prepare mats out of reusable plastic bags for homeless people in Melbourne. Giving back to other vulnerable people is a great way of strengthening the community. Giving back creates a sense of gratitude for what we have in the world.


Janette Sault is a part of a group who twice a month prepares a meal that goes to Basecamp (similar to cornerstone soup kitchens) and is providing members of the Berwick community with a free dinner and dessert. Janette likes cooking and keeping people happy. 



The secret to happiness and wellbeing seems to be contribution. MRI scans show a warm glow in the reward section of the brain when people give back.


Kat said, “by having our clients involved in community organisations it shows the community that people with disabilities can do & contribute just as much and sometimes MORE!”


If you are interested in giving back via Wallara, please email [email protected]


Taimi Clinch, COO – Wallara Australia