Wallara Supports the TeamWork Works campaign

TeamWork Works is a campaign driven by the NDS, to keep the NDIS strong.

The NDIS is at a cross-roads, with pressures to cut access and support levels.

Wallara actively supports the TeamWork Works campaign.

Tomorrow an Open Letter will be presented at Parliament house with thousands of names that have been added to the open letter. And over the coming weeks there will be Town Hall events held around the nation and the National Day of Action (April 28) will see both virtual and in person events being held. Wallara will host an event at Sages Cottage Farm on April 28, more details to be shared soon.

To participate in the Melbourne Town Hall event (online Community rally) on Thursday 7 April, please register at Victoria Metro - teamwork.org.au

To learn more about the TeamWorks Work campaign please visit About - teamwork.org.au