Welcome back Day Service clients!

2022 dates for Day Services link here Wallara Day Service Dates 2022


We are so looking forward to having everyone back for Term 1 at all Wallara sites tomorrow, Monday January 17, 2022!


We will run the same programs and groups as Term 4, with some new starters at most sites, so please make them feel welcome, introduce yourselves and give them a hand if they need it.

Any clients showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 will be immediately isolated and families contacted for pick up. If you have allergies that require medication, please ensure its being taken to avoid being contacted for pick-ups for runny noses. A negative RAT or PCR will need to be supplied to Wallara if a client is sent home with symptoms so please keep this in mind if you/your child is not well. Staff at all sites will be wearing N95 masks as well as adhering to all other COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting protocols.


All programs are billed through your NDIS plan except for transport fees. This could be for programs running offsite or special outings. It is charged separately to your program costs so you will receive a separate bill. Please pay these in a timely manner as it contributes to our vehicle maintenance and petrol or towards the cost of a taxi if one was used.


Hopefully 2022 brings some stability and consistency for everyone. Thank you to our families for your support over the last couple of years.


We are all looking forward to some amazing opportunities and growth at Wallara this year as we track towards 2023.