Wallara Accommodation Support Services is a quality accredited accommodation service for adults with a disability. We provide our residents with support to assist them to realize their personal dreams and goals. We have a commitment to support opportunities and experiences that promote personal growth and individualized achievements which are determined by the residents.

Wallara is committed to “The Council on Quality and Leadership” Personal Outcome Measures as a guide for achievement and attainment for all the people we serve. These, along with the Disability Act 2006, ensure that all residents receive service excellence from qualified and well-trained staff.

Supported accommodation is provided to more than 49 residents spread across 9 residential homes. In addition, Wallara also offers assistance to people living independently via its In-Home Care service.

Wallara staff mentor and encourage residents in all facets of life, including household chores, social activities, shopping, ongoing health assistance, transport arrangements – the list goes on.

Many of our residents also enjoy the services that our Community Support is able to offer.


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