Why Work at Wallara?

To Whom it may concern,


It is with a heavy heart I would like to inform you that as of March the 2nd 2017 I will be leaving Wallara, as my Fiancé and I will be travelling around America for two years after we get married in May. I would like to thank you for the opportunities you have given me working for Wallara which has been such a pleasure! I love my job and am so proud to tell people that I work for such a fabulous organisation. Wallara and all its wonderful residents, staff and managers have reignited my passion and love for the Disability Sector and it has been a hard decision to leave, but unfortunately we are not getting any younger and it is an opportunity that we just can not turn down. In saying this, I hope one day if we do come back to Australia that I can again apply for a job and come back to Wallara.

Everyone at Wallara should be so proud, as Wallara is the best service provider within the disability sector and that is not an easy feat. I put this down to of course our fabulous residents, wonderful staff members (I have not come past a bad one yet) and the managers (who its clear as day they have all worked as staff members because they genuinely care for the residents well-being which is fabulous.) The support, knowledge and kindness that has come my way since I started has been overwhelmingly amazing.

Thank you again for allowing me the pleasure to be a Wallara staff member, I am very sad to go but grateful for all the wonderful people I have met and memories I have made.

All the best in the future.




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